Professional Close Protection in Detail

This is holistic to personal protection. Professional Close Protection in Detail is clearly to differentiate to the well-known in the public image of bodyguards. Countless security service providers advertise the protection of VIPs as well as stars and starlets under the term "personal protection". But few companies are not able to provide this service in detail. Professional Close Protection begins with a risk analysis of an individual security concept and not with the protective measures themselves. The protective measures derived from the security concept alone are usually discreet and inconspicuous in professional personal protection and thus are not perceived by an external third parties. S10 GSS Close Protection Operators start off where everything originates. S10's Close Protection Security Section staff can draw on many years of experience and guarantee our clients the highest level of protection.
We always follow our Credo: As close as necessary and as far as possible. If you have a problem? Give us a call.
Through a preliminary discussion, we will clarify whether personal protection is really needed.


Security Guard Service

S10 can supply Armed / Unarmed Guards for your Business. For information about this service Please Contact us.


Mobile Security Group Service

This Services has been developed for Farm Areas or Communities in need of an Armed Quick Responce team. All new response Teams will be Trained by European & South African Ex-Military with years of Experience. Please Contact us for more information.


Farm Security Officer Service

These are Armed Officers that will Patrol Your Farm at Night, on Foot, to secure and give EARLY warning of an attack and to deal with any unwanted attention so you can sleep to attend to your Farm Tomorrow. Please Contact us if this is of interest or for more information.


Convoy Security Service

Convoy Security is one of S10 Specialties. Our Consultants have years of experience in this area. From Securing Cash, Munitions or Assests we have a Extencive knowledge Base in this Service. Please Contact us for more Information.