Who We Are?

A New Way Of Thinking...

S10 Services (Pty) Ltd was founded to in response to the ongoing Situation in South Africa. We have developed new Training Programs and Security Services to operate on the core principle of delivering the highest quality Training and Security Services possible. S10 Services is a new company with a new way of thinking as we are operator lead this means we are a group of freelance operators working under S10 Services to give our Students and Clients the best overall service that can be provided.

S10 Services guarantees tailor-made solutions for every Training and Security issue. All our team members are Ex-military from across the European Union and South Africa we also have civilian operators that are trained to the highest standards of the security industry.
They are discreet and can be low profile. All our members can deploy within 24 to 48hrs of notification of contract giving you fast and effective Training and Security solution.

Our principal objective is to provide the best Training and Security solutions in supporting individuals, Families, Farmers or companies who wish to develop their Skills or business in high-risk areas and/or war-torn countries. In this way, we can offer to private and corporate clients a wide spectre of services, to cover all possible security fields: Training Solutions, Close Executive Protection, High Risk, Venue Protection, Transport Protection, Armed Protection of Valuables/Assets, and Security Consulting amongst other solutions. Our services are built on a philosophy of harmony between necessary Training Solutions, Protective steps and Operational requirements to cover security needs thus ensuring the Student and Client’s peace of mind.

Our Mission

Helping to make the WORLD a Safer place..

Training to Protect – Security for ALL!


Extraordinary Experiences

Security Training and Security Services…

We at S10 Services want to make sure that Students and Clients have the best Experience possible with our different Courses and Services.


Realistic situations to help Students in the real world of security.

Services: Clients can rely on the training given to help protect there Assets.

Our Core Values

We Pride ourselves on our values…